Wrist & Hand

Wrist and hand provide excellent function and range of motion. The most common presenting complaints are secondary to either an acute strain or a chronic overuse.

We at arthrocenter believe in understanding the bio-mechanical aspect of the problem and treating the root cause with rehabilitation and exercises. The common sports related injuries include:

  • Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint Instability
  • Ulnar collateral sprain/tear
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Trigger Finger
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Dequivarian Tensoynovitis
  • Distal Radius or Forearm fractures
  • Scaphoid Fractures
  • Tendonitis (esp. Extensor Carpi ulnaris)
  • Wrist Instability (VISI & DISI)

Illustrative exercises for wrist pain and tendonitis. These will help treat and prevent recurrence of symptoms again. Exercises form an essential part of rehabilitation therapy.

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