When your child has an elbow fracture !!

The article is a point wise read to all questions regarding pediatric elbow fractures.

1. Why the need of the article?
Elbow fractures are fairly common pediatric fractures and have an overall contribution of around 10% of all pediatric fractures. Most common cause of elbow deformity in adulthood.

2. How do we diagnose these?
Most fractures are diagnosed on xrays. Xrays are usually dne for the affected limb only which can be confusing for a general practitioner.It is always advocate to get done with xrays of both limbs for comparison.

3. What are the common complications of missed fractures?
May lead to:
A) Malunion
B) Nerve dysfunction
C) Joint subluxation
D) Defect in Range of movements
E) Stiff elbow

4.How are they commonly treated?

Children have a beautiful capacity to remodel their bones. Probability of the fracture to unite is very high. Most fractures are reduced with manual methods and then plaster is applied for 4-6 weeks. Post removal, physiotherapy is advised as elbow stiffness remains common complaint.

When to go for surgery?
1. Failed attempts to reduce fracture
2. Unstable fractures
3. Multiple fractures
4. Displaced fractures
5. Old neglected fractures
6. Associated nerve and artery injury

Simple Surgery, no scars, maximal function, day care procedure and early recovery.

Why to not be afraid of surgery?
1. Minimally invasive techniques
2. Painless
3. Fluroscopic guidance
4. Early rehabilitation
5. Full function
6. Day care procedures
7. Minimal loss of productivity

When your child has an elbow fracture !!

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