Trapezitis is a common problem which presents with an upper back and neck sprain. It can be isolated or associated with muscle imbalance or shoulder pathology.

Isolated trapizius strain is mainly seen in people who require a long sitting desktop job with bad posture. In patients who have a rotator cuff pathology, the patient tries to substitute trapezius for initiating lifting up the shoulder which is the action of rotator cuff muscle. This leads to a chronic dyskinetic shoulder blade (scapular) motion and associated pain, typically on the medial border of the blade.

The patient due to a chronic power loss and increasing pain is unable to use his shoulder muscles for movements, especially abduction. This leads to activation of a muscle whose primary function is to maintain neck posture, to lift the shoulder up. In prolonged cases, neck pains are as worse as shoulder aches. The [atient is unble to identify their primary site of functions due to chronicity of the problem.

This also might radiate to the upper limb of the affected side and has to be differentiated from cervical spondylosis and shoulder pathologies. Clinical examination substituted with radiological investigations remain the mainstay for dignosis. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation remains the key to complete permanent relief. This should take place sequentially in phasic manner to relieve spam and pain and establish a normal scapulo-thoracic rythum.

Illustrative exercises to start with for prevention and cure of early TEXT NECK syndrome. These are essentially strengthening exercises for the postural muscles of the neck. Regular exercises not only prevent such symptoms but also modify the course of disease in indivisuals suffering from the same.

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