Tendon Injuries? We have solution !

Tendon injuries are a common diagnosis with elite athletes. Their demand from body is way too much as compared to a normal person or a recreational athlete. These sub groups of people are into frequent use of injectable steroids and anabolic hormones which leaves them crippled for their elder years. Presenting a case of a 26 year old athlte who while ding a 190 kg bench press damaged his triceps tendon which was repaired by Sports medicine specialists at Jyoti Hospital using a suture anchor (Metallic screw) and gold standard transosseous technique. Heres a video of the injury while doing the exercise. This may also lead to permanent damage to chest and other vital organs if not under supervision!

This post is for eductaional purposes to elite athletes who have dependance on drugs for easy and early results. These results may be tempting but can lead to a permanent disability to other vital organ systems like kidneys, liver, muscles etc. The message to spread is to have a physique without compromising on nutritional demands of the body and to not be dependant on drugs for such high level sports.

Triceps tendon repair using a Gold Standard Trans-osseous technique with an additional suture anchor for best results and early rehabilitation

The Coaches and trainers should also learn side effects of growth hormones, steroids and anabolic hormones (testosterone) before administring them and ruining the career of such good players by making them dependant on these artificial stimulators.

Eat well, exercise, be healthy !

Tendon Injuries? We have solution !

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