Tendon Injuries in Atheletes

Tendon injuries have become more common in athletes because of a number of factors:
1.Lack of warm up

2.Lack of proper form of exercises

3.Use of anabolic steroids

4.Excessive/over-enthusiastic exercises

5.Increasing level of competitive sports

6.Direct Trauma

These injuries are classified as :

Grade 1 : Usually a sprain or stretch in the tendon

Grade 2 : Usually a more serious form. Expected tear in tendon insertion.

Grade 3 : Usually a complete tear or strain of tendon.

Patient symptoms/clinical picture depends usually on the Grade of injury. Most patients with grade 1-2 injury complain of mild to moderte pain which causes partial loss of function with swelling. All grade 3 & some Grade 2 patients have an immediate complete loss of function with severe pain, buising and a local deformity due to torn attachment.

Most of these are grade 1-2 and are treated conservatively. Others may require prolonged rest or surgical treatment also. With advancements in treatment, most injuries are now treated with early rehabilitation, orthobiologics and minimally invasive surgeries.

Case Report: 30 yr male, presented to ER with sudden swelling and pain post injury due to work out. The patient was diagnosed with Triceps tendon tear which was repaired within 6 hours with minimally invasive surgery.The patient is back on track with full function by end of 6 months. We are proud to present best possible treatments at most affordable prices.

Tendon Injuries in Atheletes

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