Sub-Acromial Decompression

Shoulder is a complex joint with an array of functions pertaining to range of motion. The joint is comprised of three bones, namely:

  • Collar-bone(clavicle)
  • Shoulder blade (Scapula) &
  • Arm bone (humerus)

This joint comprises of various ligamentous structures which suspend and connect the limb from the thoracic cavity. The Joint cavity has a small room lying superiorly to it which is known as the sub-acromial space. This space contains a cushion like structure just underneath the joint between the collar-bone and the scapular blade. With the movements of the shoulder joint, there are dynamic changes in the subacromial space also.

With progressive age, the space narrows down and leads to an impingement of the rotator cuff tendons. This results in microtears and ultimately rotator cuff pathology. The content of the space get swollen up due to recurrent trauma and become painful. This grossly limits range of motion of the shoulder joint and causes severe pain. More commonly seen in elderly age group and weight lifting athletes.

The surgical procedure is followed only in patients who fail to benefit from exercises and physiotherapy regime. Clinico-radiological resemblence of findings are important and help in selection of cases who would benefit most from the surgery.

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Illustrative exercises to start rehabilitation of the shoulder joint. The post-operative rehabilitation is essential for preventing stiffness and getting in early range of motion. 


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