Spondylo-Listhesis literally means sliding of one vertebral block over the other. Patients have complaints of low back pain along with presence of symptoms pertaining to nerve compression at the level of listhesis. The symptoms depend on the grade of listhesis and duration of the same. The symptoms can present as numbness, tingling, paresthesias, heaviness in the limb and different sensations 

Listhesis can be degenerative(more common) or traumatic. Traumatic listhesis is basically associated with severe symptoms and might need urgent surgical intervention. In Degenerative type, the severity of symptoms guide the treatment. Many patients improve with conservative treatment, physiotherapy and medications, while others need surgery for allevation of symptoms. Mainly surgical procedure includes fusion using Trans-foraminal Lumbar Interfusion Surgery as it most commonly occours in the lumbar spine. The surgical results are guarded and depend upon the severity and duration of symptoms.

Few illustrative exercises specifically for patients of lumbar canal stenosis because of listhesis. These can prevent symptoms and help rehabilitate patients of exeisting problems.

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