SLAP repair

Acronym SLAP stands for “Superior Labral Tear Anterior to Posterior” . This pathology in the shoulder joint relates to a Labral tear in the superior most region accompanied with attachment of Biceps muscle tendon.

Labrum as explained earlier is a soft tissue envelop which forms a cover.

The patients usually have severe pain in throwing activities and tests involving loading of the biceps tendon. Severe pain typically at the anterior biceps tendon is typical. Patients may also complain pain at night while sleeping on the same side. This leads to disuse of the shoulder muscles and futher weakening of the muscle cover. In due course of time, patients may aso compliant of a feeling of subluxation of the involved shoulder.

SLAP lesion depending upon its type needs to be repaired intra-operatively with or without tenotomy of the biceps tendon. The decision usually depends on the intraoperative tissue quality and profile of the patient.

SLAP is commonly missed diagnosis an maybe be overlooked due to a rotator cuff or a bankart lesion.

These exercises are meant to strengthen shoulders especially in patients of SLAP tear. Post operative rehabilitation is must.

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