Sports Medicine : Why a special field ?


Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness, treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. It emerged as a distinct field of healthcare since advent of specialization in all fields of healthcare and increase in level of competitive sports.

They primarily specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing musculoskeletal and medical problems hampering in playing of sport. It has evolved with level of competitive sports and with arising need of understanding bio-mechanics in an athlete.

All levels of athletes have specific demands and face injuries during the game. Novice players require more medical attention.

Sports Medicine Specialty Team often involves physician who are trained in sports medicine as well as orthopedic surgeon. Their role is to diagnose musculoskeletal problems including limb & spine deformities (scoliosis, flat foot etc.), gait abnormalities, sports injuries. At the same time, there are physical therapists, sports trainers and coaches. Physical therapists help in restoring function, decrease pain, increase strength, flexibility and prevent future injuries.

The team works together to help patients get back into playing shape as safely and quickly as possible. Nutritionists also work together with the team helping in weight lose or gain and providing dietary advice to help improve physical functioning of the person.

Nutritional requirments of athletes are much different from normal people.


  • Sports medicine lays stress on improving sports performance of sportsperson.
  • It works to help making the performance of athlete more advanced, as well as ensuring their safety while performing the activity.
  • Doctors have special training to restore function to injured athletes so they can get moving again as soon as possible.
  • They work on treating and preventing sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition and performance training in order to help athletes improve their game.
  • They work closely with orthopedic surgeon and physical therapists to develop suitable treatment plans that is specific to each patient’s needs.
  • They have in depth understanding of how athletes use their bodies during practice and play as such, providing expert advice and instructions on preventing injuries in a specific game.
  • One of the most crucial function of a sports medicine consultant is deciding whether the player is safe to return to play or not. They conduct pre- participation physical exams to ensure if patient is ready to resume or not.

Understanding the basic biomechanics of walking, running and playing a specific sport is the role of a sports physician. They are capable of making out the abberations in atheletes and the problems that they may cause. Injuries may occour either because of wrong form of exercise, altered biomechanics and overuse of a specific part of the body. These may include:

Sports Injuries classification. . Brukner and Khan “Clinical Sports Medicine”

With the increase in fierce sports and high demand of athletes for achieving better scores, sports medicine has gained importance as preventive, diagnostic & therapeutic science. Also, the diagnosis has improved much with advancement of imaging and intervention techniques along with understanding of individual muscle/tendon/ligament function in sports.

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