Biological Therapy

Orthopedics has evolved from fracture treatment to joint replacement, arthroscopy and orthopedic oncological procedures which have enabled provision of a long term functional mobility to people suffering from terminal co-morbidities.

Along with surgery, the molecular understanding of natural history of disease have lead to development of biological therapies for various diseases and degenerative processes. Orthopedics has evolved to molecular level in an attempt to delay the degenerative processes and promote healing without the use of drugs.

Visco-supplementation using hyaluronic acid, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) using autologus blood and Bone marrow aspirate are three important modalities of Biological therapy available. For more information please feel free to contact the orthopedic team at Arthrocenter.

Platelet rich plasma and stem cells both being a part of the own body have no adverse effects or reactions. This probably is the best part of the therapy. Most patients of early arthritis or acute/chronic tendon degeneration or tear can benefit from these therapies. Heres a short illustration on how PRP works.

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