Postero-lateral Complex

Patients with Multi-ligamentous injuries usually have an associated PLC injury which requires an open reconstruction. The Complex is responsible for preventing lateral opening on an inside-out force and rotatory stability.

There are three main components of the complex which involve indivisualised reconstruction. These are:

  • Popliteo-fibular ligament (PFL)
  • Popliteus &
  • Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)

The restoration of this complex is essential for success of the surgical reconstruction of other ligaments. The Postero-lateral corner injuries are the most frequently missed diagnosis on presentation and also a common cause of post surgical failure of ACL and PCL.

The procedure is open and requires exploration of a nerve which is responsible for the movements of the toes. Temporary nerve dysfunction is a known complication of the procedure and your doctor might councel you for the same. In case you want any further information regarding the procedure and prognosis, please feel free to contact our orthopedic team.

Dial test illustrates Postero-lateral corner instability,
PLC reconstruction using bio-absorbable screws. The illustration represents the tunnels where the new ligaments are fixed

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