Posterior Plication

The Shoulder joint is composed of a ball and a socket where the bony socket is very shallow. This offers a wide range of mobility in all directions. To provide stability to the shoulder, nature envelops it into a soft tissue cover. This is called the capsule-labral complex. 

In cases where this soft tissue envelop is lax posteriorly, we plicate or double breast the tissue using anchored threads. This procedure is called posterior plication. Cases with generalised laxity facing posterior instability are candidates for posterior plication. This is a rare entity and usually responds well to exercise modules. Patients still complaining of instability or inability to do sporting activities may need surgical procedure.

The desicion of surgical procedure is intra-operatively taken with pre-operative councelling for its need. For more information please feel free to consult our orthopedic team.

Illustrative exercises to strengthen your shoulder and prevent surgical intervention in shoulder instability and for rehabilitation and gaining strength after surgery.

A resistive band is must for doing these exercises. Please consult your sports specialist before starting with the same. 

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