Peroneal Tendonitis

Ankle joint is complex with a wide range of motion available. Ankle has a basic functions of inversion and eversion and dorsiflexion and planter flexion. This is moderated by muscle groups on the front back and both sides of the ankle joint.

The tendons on the outer side of the ankle are the cheif evertors of the foot and the group is called Peroneal muscles. This peroneal tendon in cases of acute sprain or injury slips out of the tunnel in which it traverses and leads to subluxation of the tendon. This once takes place, happens recurrently with ankle motion.

Usually when its an acute incident, conservative management helps. In chronic cases, we usually see a recurrently snapping tendon with ankle movements which is associated with a painful sudden relocation of the tendon.

This condition might need surgical procedure to prevent recurrence. For more information or any query related to appointments, please contact us !

Illustrative exercises to treat and prevent peroneal tendinitis. Specially in cases of high performance athletes and patients with rehabilitation of Fracture on outer side of foot due to twisting injury.


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