Patellar Tendonitis

Popularly known as the jumpers knee, Patellar tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the patellar tendon. This mostly occours due to overuse or due to sudden loading of the tendon. typically seen in atheletics, volley and basket ball players.

Patient typically complaints of a pain at the lower pole of the knee cap or at the insertion of the patellar tendon. Typically affects those more with an abnormal biomechanical force on the knee. commonly seen in patients with tight muscles and flat feet. Most commonly treated conservatively using ice packs and rest but rehabilitation requires a tailored exercise regime for preventing recurrence. Surgical procedure is rarely done in these cases.

Shockwave lithotripsy for treating patellar tendonitis

Illustrative exercises for patellr tendonitis. These will help prevent and treat initial stages in a patient. Also The sme may be useful for functionally rehabilitating the athelete.

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