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How do I prevent Sports-Injuries ??

Sports have been an important part of routine curriculum owing to its magical ability to heal and improve mental and

AC Joint Injuries.

Shoulder injuries are common in young and old. With advent of high velocity trauma and competitive collision sports, these have

Tendon Injuries in Atheletes

Tendon injuries have become more common in athletes because of a number of factors:1.Lack of warm up 2.Lack of

Do I need a surgery for my shoulder pain ??

Shoulder pain has been an important cause of out-patient visits in elderly age group. Most common casues of which are
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Sports Injuries and Arthroscopy

Dr. Milind Tanwar is a leading Sports Injury specialist trained from Australia and leading medical institutes of India. He has an extensive experience in sports medicine with passion for joint pathologies. Dealing with orthopaedic problems for the last 10 years, Dr. Milind is known for his focus on patient education, friendly nature and ease of access apart from excellent surgical skills and outcomes. 
Dr. Milind Tanwar is an IMRI Fellow (SA) in primary and re-do arthroscopy and arthroplasty trained with leading orthopaedicians like Dr. Mario Penta, Dr. Jegankrishnan and Dr.Ashish Babulkar. He is available on all weekdays at Jyoti Hospital, Gurugram and also visits and operates at some leading corporate hospitals in Gurugram and NCR region.  What we do best

Arthroscopic Surgery

Extensive training and strict adherence to protocol makes our surgeries the most cherished and celebrated by patients. We offer minimal downtime and earliest recovery to functional life.

Sports Medicine

Total & partial joint replacement surgeries with most sophisticated instrumentation. With a team of experts we are proud to cater to needs of Primary and Re-Do replacement surgeries. Restoring mobility and function with growing age!

Complex Bone and Joint Surgery

Every case requires tailored surgical planning and rehabilitation. With individualised care and rehab programme we promise excellent functional results in peri and intra-articular trauma

Ultra-modern arthroscopy suite

With most advanced systems in place for patient comfort & safety, we offer the most biological option for restoring your mobility.

ACL Reconstruction

With ultra-modern equipments and Bio-compatible implants in the modular OR, we promise complete rehabilitation back to the game.
Get things done faster. And better.

Multi-Ligament Injuries

ACL in combination with MCL, PCL, LCL, PLC complex injuries

Ligament reconstruction

Arthroscopic ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC reconstruction
Revision ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC reconstruction

Meniscal Surgeries

Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair (All Inside/Inside-out/Outside-in)
Arthroscopic Debridement & Lavage

Shoulder Instability

Bankart repair
Bankart Remplissage
Latarjet procedure

Painful shoulder

SLAP repair
Biceps tenodesis
Biceps tenotomy
Arthroscopic debridement/ Decompression

Degenerative shoulder

Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair
Arthroscopic Sub-acromial decompression
Para-labral cyst decompression

Joint replacement surgeries

Its never been more easy to replace a Joint!
With the use of Navigation and Patient specific instrumentation, Joint replacement has yielded unprecedented results.
We promise a painless experience with early functional rehabilitation.
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