Meniscal Repair

Meniscus is a biological structure which primary acts as a shock absorber in the knee joint and equalises distribution of weight while ambulation. In most cases, the injury is due to a twisting injury to the knee during sporting activity unattended rotational movement in a semi-flexed knee. The preservation of the natural substance of meniscii is the first aim of the surgeon but this is not usually possible in all the cases. The results of meniscal preservation is not same in all cases and may also predispose the athlete to recurrence of symptoms in case of non-healing of the meniscal tear.

In cases where the injury is fresh in a young athlete caused due to trauma and classically involving the periphral zone with a longitudnal/vertical tear, repair is shown to have better results as compared to other variables. Also it has been shown in studies that isolated meniscal repairs do better in comparison to patients where ACL reconstruction ans meniscal repair is done.

The pre-surgical evaluation suggests the quality of tissue and the morphology of the tear but the exact scenario becomes evident only on arthroscopic evaluation of the problem. It is advised to undergo a repair only when the operative assessment indicates a good prognosis. Cases with an elderly age and chronic bucket handle tear due to degenerative process is a contra-indication of surgical procedure.


The video depicts the complete procedure of Arthroscopic partial medial menisectomy. The young patient presented with symptoms of pain and locking. The patient gained full range of movement next day of surgery.

Types of tears in a meniscus

Arthroscopic meniscal repair can make use of several techniques considering the morphology of tear. Please consult your arthroscopic surgeon regarding prognosis and possibility of recurrence of symptoms before choosing the treatment.


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