Medial Epicondylitis

Golfer’s elbow is a painful condition and like tennis elbow does not occur only in golfers. It occurs due to inflammation of the flexor tendons (muscles causing upward movement of wrist) caused by overuse tendinopathies that can be associated with racquet sports. It can occur in golf, squash, tennis, cricket, but can also occur in anyone including housewives.

It manifests as pain on the bony prominence on the inner side of the elbow especially when you press the area & weakness of the grip. Your doctor would ask you to flex your wrist (upward movement of wrist with palm up) which may reproduce your pain.

Treatment includes avoiding overuse of the wrist. Icing over the painful area can be helpful. An elbow strap applied on the forearm reduces the stress on the inflamed flexor tendon and can provide pain relief. A rehabilitation programmed customized to your needs emphasizing on strengthening of flexor muscles is the mainstay of treatment.

In addition, symptoms may be relieved by the use of taping, electrotherapy or a steroid injection in recalcitrant cases. Biomechanical errors in your sport can also be assessed and corrections made.

Here are a few exercises to start with for preventing and treating golfers elbow or medial epicondylitis. Patients with acute pain are advised not start with any exercises without an orthopedic consultation. 

Ice packs, anti-inflammatory medications and gentle stretches remain imparitive.

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