Medial collateral ligament is one of the stabilizers of the knee which prevents the opening up when a inside-out force is applied. The ligament has a role in initial bending of the knee also. The ligament is one of the four major stabilizers of the knee. Most commonly occurs due to a slip and fall in sporting activities or aerobics and dancing.

Usually injured in violent contact or collision sports or in traumatic accidents along with other ligaments. Usually this injury can be treated conservatively. Grade 1 and most Grade 2 injuries do well with conservative treatment using an ROM brace for at least first one and a half months. It is essential to not re-injure the affected ligament during that period. But in cases with a complete disruption or tear(Grade 3 injury), it requires a surgical intervention. Patients are advised to use a knee brace for at least 6 weeks and only isometric quadriceps exercises.

The diagnosis needs a clinico-radiological correlation and so does the decision of plan of treatment. In case where MCL is associated with other ligamentous injuries, it usually requires surgical intervention along with other associated ligament reconstruction. Most commonly it is associated with complete ACL and meniscal injury as there is always a component of twisting injury to the affected side

Illlustrative video demonstrating exercises for rehabilitation of the knee post injury. Please consult our orthopedic for any querries or appointments.

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