Mallet Finger

Mallet finger is a result of injury resulting from sudden hyperflexion with avlusion fracture of the phalanx. This occours as a result of sudden pulling of the extensor tendon which instead of breaking takes along with it a piece of bone where it is attached. This leads to subluxation or partial dislocation of the joint.

Most commonly seen in cricket, football or baseball. Most injuries are dealt with conservatively in young athletes using a mallet finger splint and ice packs. Some cases where the bony union fails to occour or there is associated pain & deformity, surgery may be the choice of treatment. Surgical treatment makes use of a technique known as Extension Block Pinning. Commonly done procedure in sports professionals.

Surgical technique using wires to reduce the joint and immobilise the fracture site. 

The wires remain in place for about a months time after which they can be removed and Physiotherpay can be started.

These illustrative exercises will help a ptient to rehabilitate to his normal routine.  Exercises are a mainstay of therapy after k wire removal for early and complete function.


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