Lumbar Strain

Lumbar strain has been a common out-patient diagnosis in athletes. Most commonly presenting with a dull gnawing pain which increases sharply on bending or lifting any weights. Most common causes are exercises schedule without pre-conditioning and warm and supra-physiological loading of the postural muscles.

Chronic bad posture, smoking, weight gain, improper exercises and weight training may be the cause in non-atheletic population. This can be associated with numbness, tingling or abnormal sensations in various areas of the lower limb which indicate a nerve compression or radiculopathy.

The link below would provide educational infomation on your back pain.

Majority patients improve with rehabilitation and exercises while a small subset is likely to have significant symptoms not improving with conservative treatment. Patients with a long standing problems have changes in soft tissues and bony architecture which might need a surgery in long term failure of coservative treatment. Red Flag signs usually denoted by sudden increase in pain, symptoms pertaining to nerve compression and bowel bladder involvement.

The video illustrates spinal extension exercises for staying fit and preventing back pain. These exercises might give a transient increase in pain to start with but will give pain relief eventually. It is recommended to consult your orthopedic before starting !

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