Lumbar Canal Stenosis

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Lumbar canal stenosis is less commonly seen in young athletes but is commonly seen in elder retiring ones. Commonly presents with a numbness and heaviness in lower limbs (one or both) typically when the patient starts to walk. As soon as the patient bends forwards and sits down, there is an instantaneous relief in the numbness. Some patients might also complain of motor weakness which improves while they walk with help of aids like cane or walker.

Normal Xrays and co-relating MRI scans
Spinal Canal Stenosis MRI

The main causes of canal compromise include hypertrophy of spine ligaments, protrusion or herniation of a disc and degenerative changes of spine. Major subset of patients symptomatically improve with conservative treatment while a small group might require further investigations and even a surgical correction for prolonged relief.

Detailed evaluation and radiological corroboration of symptoms is imperative for ruling out the cause of symptoms.

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