Lateral End Clavicle

Typically seen in weight lifting athletes, the arthritis of the Acromio-clavicular joint is a painful condition. This is usually secondary to supra-physiological loading of the non weight bearing joint.

Most athletes also have a history of recurrent weight lifting which is very painful in later stages. In most patients, abstainence from these activities may give long term relief along with physiotherapy and lifestyle modifications. In cases resistant to treatment, surgical procedure remains the last choice.

In the procedure, the articulating end of the collar bone is excised keeping the ligamentous attachments and capsule intact. This significantly decreases pain and disability. This is done arthroscopically and involves minimally invasive techniques. The rehabilitation protocol is similar to shoulder rehabilitation with minor variance. The patient may have surgical pain for first two weeks followed by a prolonged relief.

Basic illustrative video which will guide you through pathomechanics, course of disease and treatment options of AC joint Arthritis. 

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