Latarjet Procedure

Normal Bony structure of the shoulder joint

The anterior soft tissue/labral tear which occours with dislocation of the head is also associated commonly with a bony fracture of rim of the cup/socket . This usually occours with traumatic episodes. In such cases where the breadth of the cup/socket surface is compromised, it is advised to place a bony plug to increase the width of the cup/socket.

Small Bone Fragment
Large bony Fragment (>25%)

Reinstitutuion of the soft tissue envelop in these cases may lead to excessive tightness and recurrence of symptoms in most cases. It is advisable to get a pre-operative CT scan to evaulate the bony loss and the need of soft tissue or a bony procedure.

Arthroscopic Bony Bankart Repair
Latarjet Procedure

The patient is councelled for pros and cons of both procedures. It is advisable to undergo a complete work up before undergoing a surgical procedure. The procedure is done using a minimally invasive approach but involves opening up of the shoulder joint to place the bony plug in the right place. The functional recovery starts at 6 weeks after surgery when the patiet is given range of motion exercises. It takes upto 3-6 months for complete functional recovery.

A video illustration of the Latarjet procedure. Mostly done in cases where the bone loss is more than 25 percent of the total glenoid surface or in cases where patient demand is high.


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