Labral Tears

Shoulder is made up of a Ball and a Socket which is enclosed in a soft tissue envelope. Shoulder being a highly mobile joint is more prone to injuries. Usual injuries (dislocation) to the atheletic shoulder lead to an Anterior soft tissue (Capsule-labral) tear which leads to a recurrent anterior dislocation in abduction and external rotation manuover (atheletic position). This tearing of soft tissue (Capsulo-labral) complex is called a bankart lesion in medical terminology.

Tendon of the Biceps muscle is attached to a part of the superior most (12’o clock) labrum and is typically torn (avulsed) in throwing athletes. This can also occour after a traumatic event and lead to a recurrent painful shoulder. Posterior dislocation or reverse bankart is fairly uncommon and typically seen in patients with seizure disorders or after a traumatic event.

Most active patients having these injuries usually require a surgical repair. This solely depends on the patient profile and demands. It is advocated to treat elderly (>60y) patients conservatively as their demands/activity level are low and This can be done using minimally invasive techniques (Arthroscopy) and have good to excellent functional results.

Here are a few set of exercises for patients to prevent injury to the shoulder. Strengthening of muscles is one of the key components of preventing another episode. 

Exercises are recomended for both operated and un-operated patients. Please consult our orthopedic for more information.



Most common form of shoulder dislocation is anterior. This means that the ball of the joint pops out anteriorly or forwards. The mode of injury is sudden jerky and employs force. Usually seen in overhead sports or a traumatic injury in a road side accident. The injury tears of the soft tissue envelope around the joint from the front side and bone comes out with a rotating movement.

Main symptom as described by patients is Apprehension in taking the shoulder into atheletic position and dislocation with a jerk. Long standing patiens also compliant of a painful shoulder.


A very unsual injury which is seen in patients suffering from medical illness(convulsions) or involved in collision/contact sports. These injuries lead to a posteriorly directed force which tears of the soft tissue capsule on the back side of the shoulder. 

The patients should be treated for their medical illness and surgical treatment reserved for only those who have no relief in symptoms with exercises and report recurrence of symptoms.



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