Chondromalacia Patellae

Chondromalacia refers to a condition where the cartilage on the undersurface of the knee cap starts degenerating. Typically it presents with a clicking sound or crepitus on doing range of motion exercises at the knee typically involving bending beyond 90 degrees. Most common causes include a mal-aligned force generating axis at the qudriceps mechanism.

Early stages have much better prognosis with only conservative therapy whereas later stages unanimously have a poorer prognosis with respect to high demand activities. Correction of the biomechanics is perhaps the most important factor that provides long term relief. Most patients do well with only physiotherapy and rehabilitation but few may require a surgical procedure to cure the degenerating or osteochondral defects associated with it.

Vastus medialis obliqus is a part of the quadriceps muscle and also the first muscle to go into weakness and pain with the advent of Chondromalacia and Patello-femoral pain syndrome. The strengthening of the abductors of the hip and the quadriceps muscle are essential to allevate symptoms. 

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