Interferential Therapy

Intereferentia therapy derives its name from the word intereference. Two currects of differing frequencies are applied in a way that electromagnetic waves cross each others path. This intereference leads to a generation of a new low amplitude wave which has healing properties.

Methodology makes use of the fact that Low frequency currents generated inside the soft tissue increase the blood flow and thereby wash away the chemical mediators of pain. The poles attached to the skin might cause a tingling sensation to start with but eventually leads to a relaxation of the affected part.

This is a temporary measure to abolish pain and start with immediate rehabilitation of the patient. The exercise protocol is tailored as per the need of the indivisual case and usually takes about 4-6 weeks to completely settle down.

IFT is a device that can be used for managing sub acute or chronic pain. It works by “interfering” with pain signals to the brain, by flooding the pain-generating tissues with small, electrical currents that are thought to “compete” with the pain signals traveling to the brain, resulting in reduced perception of pain. It does not do anything to cure the injured site.

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