Illio-Tibial Band Syndrome

The illiotibial band is a soft tissue thickening connecting the gluteal muscles upto the leg from the outer side providing stabilization of the knee joint during movements. The iliotibial band syndrome may be the result of a combination of issues, including poor training habits, poor flexibility of muscle, and other mechanical imbalances in the body.

This soft tissue band in cases of either chronic overuse or acute loading may generate pain on every time the knee is flexed. This is commonly seen in running athletes and football and hockey players. The reason being chiefly a chronic strain. Most patients present with a painful restriction of the knee joint. Pain may also radiate upto below the knee joint where the band is attached.

Physical therapy is mostly helpful along with conservative treatment. Surgery is rarely an option but is sometimes suggested for patients who develop chronic inflammation and who fail to respond to other treatment options.

IT band syndrome may also occour in non-atheletic population where it is commonly associated with a bad posture. These following exercises will prevent and rehabilitate a patient suffering from ITB Syndrome.

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