Hip Pain

Hip pain is a relatively uncommon diagnosis in sports related injuries. The patients involved usually are involved in athletics. The patient may compliant of pain in the hip and the inguinal region. This pain may radiate to the front of the thigh and also to the side of the thigh. Any movement at the hip, especially rotation at the hip are painful with a constant flexion at the involved side. The way a person walks indicates the side of affection. 

Most common patients have muscle sprains and stress fractures but a few others may also present because of an underlying pathology. These may vary from any of the following :

Diagnosis is the key to treatment. This needs detailed evaluation and clinico-radiological co-relation. It is suggested that most problems diagnosed early do well with conservative treatment. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or appointments.

Following stretches will help you prevent Hip pain and rehabilitate the athlete back to the game. Exercises play an important part in prevention of injures and treating them also.

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