Hamstring Spasm

Hamstring Spasm is the most common sports injury of the running athlete. It is also associated with primary pathologies like Meniscal tears, Ligament injuries and Cartilage defects. The basic cause may be an acute sprain or a chronic overuse. This condition is also commonly associated with Osteo-arthritis of the knee joint. The patient typically complaints of stiffness and or soreness in the inner or out back side of the knee and thigh with a sharp wincing pain with the push off phase of walking.

Typically, natural mechanism is provide rest to any part of the body which has a pain generating source. In case there is any primary injury, spasm of the hamstrings is a protective mechanism of the body to prevent further injury to affected part.

Mostly these can (like other sprains) be treated conservatively with rest, icepacks and electrotherapy regimes. It is imperative to distinguish and identify a primary undeerlying pathology causing the spasm.

The following exercises and stretches will prevent and help rehabilitate paients suffering from hamstring sprain. Please consult your orthopedic before starting any exercises !


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