Groin Strain

Groin refers to the area of the anterior hip. Strain, inflammation or tear of the muscles of the inner thigh may lead to symptoms of Groin pain. High speed activities, violent kick or a sudden impact injury may lead to occourence of these symptoms.

Usually seen in athletes involved in running activities, football, hockey etc. A chronic overuse injury may take longer in comparison to an acute strain to rehabilitate. In cases where a muscle or muscle-tendon tear is suspected, a surgical procedure might be warranted.

Radiological-clinical co-relation is warranted for confirming diagnosis and line of treatment. For more information or any queries please feel free to contact us or book an appointment.

PRP has proven role in Acute adductor tears and chronic sprains. This is a novel procedure which helps in early recovery and rehabilitation. PRP is an ultrafiltrate of your own blood which is highly concentrated form of platelets and growth factors. These help the damaged fibres heal better forming the native tissue and not a scar. The healing at the site of injury usually occurs with a scar which fails to exhibit the flexibility and elasticity of normal tissues. PRP basically aims at providing a chance to these tissues for proper healing both in form and consistency.

Few stretching exercises to fight your groin strain ! Please consult your orthopedic of when should one start with these and what are the do’s and dont’s of these exercises !

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