Geriatric Orthopedics

Patients of the elderly age group commonly suffer from degenerative diseases of all joints with musculo-skeletal aging. Weight bearing joints are affected more than the joints of the upper limb usually.

Degenerative Arthritis of the knee, hip, spine and shoulder are most common amongst all. Along with this the incidence of bone insufficency and fractures associated with fall are also common. The most common fractures include the wrist, the spine, the hip and the shoulder.

The focus of geriatric orthopedics also includes the associated psychological burden of the aging and fractures. We at Arthrocentre are proud to cater to all kinds of geriatric orthopedic issues including fracture treatment, treatment of degenerative joints, prevention of fractures, improving bone health, Diet councelling and Allied physiotherapy needs of the elderly.

With a vast experience in medically and surgically treating degenerative joints and spine disease we offer the most comprehensive treatment aimed at prevention of injuries and functional rehabilitation post injury or surgical procedure.

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