Fractures in children: Surgical prespective !

Surgical treatment of fractures in children have been associated with myths and delimma. Most patients of young age have now been treated with minimally invasive surgical methods with no or minimal scars.

These treatment modalities are used in all age groups but their practical use have been stressed upon in most paediatric cases. With advent of flouroscopy techniques, surgical saftey margin has increased manifolds and so has the ease of doing surgery.

Why opt for surgical option ???
The early surgery and rehabilitation with minimally invasive techniques has also encouraged early movements and return to function. The rest to muscles while conservative treatment is adapted like plasters/casts or immobilization might lead to atrophy of muscles and complications like mal-union (union with slight angulation/tilt/translation), non union, joint subluxation, limb shortening and deformity for life.

Fractures might look simple but may have consequences later.

Although, literature also has magnificent results of conservative treatment in paediatric patients but a proportion of cases do better with operative treatment. In morden era, the aim of treatment remains early fucntional recovery. Fracture union is a small part of the complete process.

Jyoti Hospital is proud to cater to all needs of paediatric trauma with minimally invasive techniques at most affordable prices using lastest in the field. Case : A 9 year old, treated with MIS, walking by 4 weeks.

Fractures in children: Surgical prespective !

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