Fracture management

With the advent of speed the incidence of road traffic accidents have increased tremendously. This has been associated wih high rates of co-morbidity, deaths and loss of productivity.

The main aim in treating these patients remains functional rehabilitation and regaining ability to perform activities of daily living. Apart from minimally invasive techniques, fluroscopic guided procedures and best in class modular operative room, we also offer rehabilitative treatment for the post-surgical period with most advanced and recent technologies.

Fracture surgery has a few basic principles of fixation that the patient should understand. The fixation is usually done for internally splinting and early mobilisation of the patient and has its own pros and cons. A frequently asked question that orthopedics encounter is regarding the need of a surgical procedure for treatment of the fracture. To be able to answer this question objectively is not possible, as there are a lot of factors which work behind getting the patient functionally rehabilitated. Each fracture depending on type & site has both conservative and surgical option in most cases. The patient profile, post-operative demand and fracture morphology are main factors which help us give options regarding the best option for the patient.

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