Flat Foot

Flat feet are a normal variation of anatomical development and occours due to a loss of Inner Arch of the foot. The arch is formed by a bony support with musculature maintaining the shape of the Arch.

It is observed that children can have more incidence of a foot looking flat than adults. But, this is usually a supple flat foot. By supple flat foot we imply that the child usually has no difficulty performing all tasks of daily living which also include running, jumping, hopping etc. Parents are usually worried about the “flat looking” foot which is not a symptomatic flat foot.

In children who have anatomical variations of foot architecture might be deficient in a medial planter arch. This denotes need of a support/orthotic in such a child. In children, the soft tissues are usually pliable and changes in structures occours as a result of gradual change in biomechanics. Where as once the adolescent age crosses over, the tissues become more rigid with permanent changes in anatomical structure. It is advisable to note the following compliants in a child:

  • Recurrent falls
  • Inability to run fast
  • Pain in feet esp. at night
  • Recurrent ankle sprains
  • Leg and calf pains

If your child is suffering from any of these, it is suggested that one should consult their orthopedic doctor for consultation. Most patients do well with conservative treatment but a few might develop secondary changes in joint structure which might warrant a surgery too.

Please feel free to contact our orthopedic team or take an appointment.

These set of exercises are usually meant for supple/flexible flat foot. Maximum benefit with these is to the children who are diagnosed early. Patients diagnosed with a spastic/rigid flat foot should consult on possible options for treatment depending on severity of symptoms.


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