Elbow Instability

Elbow is a hinge joint with a set of supporting stuctures (ligaments) on both the sides to provide stability with adequate range of motion. The ligamentous complex usually fails secondary to traumatic event most commonly in contact or collision sport athletes.

Most patients suffering from grade 1-2 sprains or partial tears do well with rehabilitation and physiotherapy whereas patients presenting with grade III/IV tear with instability usually require surgical intervention.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81yiXiPwhNsThis clinical test will help differentiate instability from other symptoms like pain and catching/locking.

This is called the push up/stand up test or chair sign. Your clinician will guide you through further for surgical modality of treatment.

The role of conservative treatment augmented with Platelet Rich Plasma has gained importance in acute and subacute injuries. Chronic instability(>6week) usually are treated by surgical intervention in form of medial (UCL) or lateral complex (LUCL) reconstruction.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation takes about 3 months to achieve full function. Sports training takes about 6 months post operative to start with. 3 months to 6 months is the time for strength training which indirectly allevates pain and provides support to the reconstructed ligaments.


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