DRUJ Reconstruction

Distal radio-ulnar joint is supported by a ligamentous complex and injury is most commonly missed at primary presentation. Usually the patients have wrist pain and may also complain of instability while lifting loads or playing sports. Most will complain of symptoms while gripping firmly and loading the wrist with weight as in doing push-ups. Terminal dorsi and palmer flexion is restricted with pain.

The two most commonly involved structures include a triangular fibro-cartilagenous complex(TFCC) and the meniscal homologue.

Most cases will present with a history of traumatic episode or sudden loading of the wrist joint with associated tortional force. This leads to a distal radius and or an ulnar styloid fracture in most cases. Most patients following a sedentary lifestyle, do well with conservative management but patients belonging to high demand group need a surgical intervention for restoration of joint kinematics.

The procedure yields good results in expert hands. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation plays essential role in functional recovery.

Post injury rehabilitation involves exercise regime. The following video illustrates some wrist and grip strectching exercises. Please consult your orthopedic for more information !

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