Don’t avoid your Back Pain !!

Case Report:

Successfully operated our heaviest patient(124 kg) who had compliants of back ache and slipped disc. The patient was diagnosed with Disc at L4 L5 level and impingement of the nerve root on both sides. The patient are apprehensive for the surgery initially but once operated are grossly relieved of symptoms. The relief starts as early as day 2nd in acute cases with improvement of symptoms. Motor defecit and sensory loss recovers by 6 weeks to 6 months time.

The patient flew back to mauritius after his successful surgical procedure. We are happy to have blessings from happy patients like him everyday ! Dr. Ashish Yadav & Dr. Milind Tanwar


The article tries to focus on the importance of differentiating between a conservatively treatable versus an operable spine. Most young cases (about 90%) do extremely well with conservative treatment only and exercises prevent recurrence. Some others who have severe symptoms not responding to medications and precautions are surgical candidates. The reasons in these cases should be sought with imaging modality and eliminated early on. Spine happens to be a field where a long term deficit may lead to a non recoverable loss.

Red flag signs in back pain ??

It is important to see your orthopedic for spine problems when:

1. There is associated symptoms of numbness and tingling in any limb.

2. When you suspect that walking after sometime is difficult for you.

3. The distance of walk is gradually decreasing.

4. There is any associated change in bowel or bladder habit

5. There is any fever, weight loss, night awakening, excessive sweating with severe back ache.

6. History of malignancy treated before

7. Trauma direct or indirectly involving the spine.


We wish our readers become more educted about their back pain and not take it lightly. There may be a lot of factors controlling the symptoms, but timely intervention can save you a fortune. Don’t worry to be diagnosed with a problem. The earlier, the better. You can save yourself a surgical procedure if you prioritize your health. Eat well, Live healthy!

Don’t avoid your Back Pain !!

One thought on “Don’t avoid your Back Pain !!

  1. Very nice work Dr Milind Tanwar and Dr Ashish Yadav..
    The points covered by you in this report will definitely increase the awareness among the people of this part of the country, specifically the young adults, who are constantly being troubled by their back pain and radiculopathy.
    I think, everything is perfectly explained that too in concised manner. Keep it up 👍.
    Great job Sir…

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