Cervical Radiculopathy

Typically marked by neck pains associated with numbness, tingling, hot or cold, pricking pain even on rest in any part of arm, elbow, forearm or the wrist and hand. Most commonly seen in patients with a prolonged bad posture or a desktop job. Sudden increase in numbness, inability to use the upper limb, loss of motor power associated with traumatic or febrile illness are the red flag signs and should be immediately cared for.

Degenerative joints and herniated discs of the cervical spine are most common causes leading to these symptoms. Most patients do well with life-style modification, exercises and medications. While a subset of population might require an invasive intervention or surgical procedure for the same. Young patients benefit most from conservative treatment while a subset of older patients with gross degenerative changes may benefit from surgery.

Cervical radiculopathy is most commonly confused with a shoulder pain and vice versa which need a thrrough clinical examination to reach the diagnosis.

For all those suffering from neck pains because of a chronic bad posture, here are a few stretches which will help you fight your neck pain better.

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