Sports Anaemia. Are you Suffering ?

Sports Anaemia & Causes : Sports anaemia is characterised by low blood haemoglobin(Hb/Hgm) levels (normal ranges are 14–17.5 g/dl for males and 12–16 g/dl for women), low haematocrit(PCV), and low ferritin levels in trained/training athletes. These are a few potential risk factors for this type of anaemia: 1.Inadequate intake of iron 2. Poor absorption of […]

How do I prevent Sports-Injuries ??

Sports have been an important part of routine curriculum owing to its magical ability to heal and improve mental and physical health. Sports in any form, recreational or professional should be attempted with accordance to certain methodology and form to prevent injuries. Most of the sportsmen involved in recreational activities injure themselves during some point […]

Nutritional Support for Athletes.

Nutrition is a vast topic of on-going research. It involves supplementing the athlete needs with adequate resources to maintain peak performance. Sports Medicine has dedicated branches focusing on this field. Exhaustive literature and research become confusing for an amateur athlete and most of them tend to follow hearsay from their trainers, colleagues and friends. This […]

Impingement syndrome: All you need to know!!

Shoulder pain is common problem in patients of all age groups. The causes of pain and disability are many. Young and old have completely different spectrum of disease which may cause the same symptom i.e. pain, limited range of movement, . The article focuses on shoulder pain in the young with special focus on Impingement […]

Sore Runner ?? This might help !!

Adaptive muscle shortening and Hamstrings. Hamstrings form an important muscle of the core and is actively involved in movement of the body. The hamstrings muscles originate from the pelvic bone/hip bone & insert below the knee joint spanning the entire length of the thigh. It’s a muscle group constituted by Biceps femoris, semi-memberanosus, semi-tendinosus and […]

Tips to survive in COVID times !

Increasing incidence of functional pain and depression post COVID-19 era has led to deterioration of quality of life. The productivity has been severely affected in people who are suffering from chronic illnesses already along with increasing cases of newly diagnosed lifestyle diseases. COVID-19 is a new disease entity and less is known on the pathogenesis […]