Cartilage Surgery

Articular cartilage is a crucial layer of the knee joint which makes movements at the joint painless and fluid like. The important factor that makes it all the more important is its inability to regenerate and make new cartilage.

Like other tissues once the normal architechture is lst, its is replaced by a fiberous or scarred cartilage which does not serve normal purpose. the damage to the cartilage has been divided into stages where 0 stands for least and 4 stands for full thickness cartilage loss. The amount of cartilage loss and the area of loss are important for deciding line of treatment and prognosis of the patient.

Untreated instability and meniscal tears are major reasons of cartilage damage in young patients. Higher number of subluxation episodes lead to a worse form of cartilage damage. This is treatable but with guarded prognosis. It is highly advisable to undergo a surgical procedure for instability to prevent early and irreversible cartilage damage.

We offer latest autologus cartilage grafting techniques and autologus cartilage implantation techniques at Arthrocenter and are proud to be pioneers of the same.

Cartilage injuries can be easily diagnosed and treated. Better techniques and surgical procedures have been developed to functionally rehabilitate the patients to their normal life. The video illustrates knee cartilage issues and its surgical treatment briefly.

The video illustrates a set of knee strengthening exercises and training which will help allevate pain. 

In cases treated with both surgical and conservative treatment, exercises remain the key to rehabilitation. 

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