Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel is a fiberous tissue which has a set of tendons, nerves and vessels passing through it. Symptoms pertaining to the compression of any structure may lead to symptoms. The median nerve is also a content and one of the most sensitive structure to increase in pressure. Most commonly this is seen to occour in females nearing end of mestrual cycle or pregnant women. This is also seen in endocrine abnormalities namely hypothyroidism, diabetes and growth hormone disurbances.


Rhematoid arthritis is also a common root cause of carpel tunnel syndrome. The main reason behind this is a compression of the median nerve which gives a typical numbness and tingling sensation and thinning of the muscular eminence of the palm. Most patients do well with physiotherapy and rehabilitation but a subset may require the surgical release of the carpel tunnel to relieve symptoms.

A basic educational illustration of what and how is carpel tunnel syndrome caused and what are the treatment options. 

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