Biological Therapy

Orthopaedics has evolved from fracture treatment to joint replacement, arthroscopy and orthopaedic oncological procedures which have provided long term functional mobility to people of all age groups. The surgical field has grown many folds with introduction of biologically compatible implants, use of robotics in surgery and 3D printing in spine and complex trauma. Along with has grown the understanding of biomechanics and biology of healing. This has lead to introduction of more biological therapy

Biological theraoy and PRP
Cartilage injuries heal well with PRP augmentation

The molecular understanding of natural history of disease have lead to development of biological therapies for various diseases and degenerative processes. Orthopaedics has evolved to molecular level in an attempt to delay the degenerative processes and promote healing without the use of drugs. Biological therapy basically includes PRP, Bone marrow aspirate and newer collagen rich peptides.

The role in augmentation of healing and primary healing are both important aspects of biological therapy. Biologicals have been exploited in both surgical and medical management of sports injuries. Surgical reconstruction or repair has been seen to be augmented with different biologicals. Blood has also been considered a rich source helping in healing and repair.

In chronic conditions as tennis elbow, Percutaneous erasion of the tendon has proven effective treatment. Simple blood and inducing trauma to the injured part has lead to excellent functional results. Biologicals have been used in Sports injuries:

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PRP can heal the defects and induce fibrocartilage formation.
  • Tendinitis of various joints
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Partial tears of tendons
  • Muscle injuries/ tear
  • Hair regeneration
  • Ligament healing

Platelet rich plasma and stem cells both being a part of the own body have no adverse effects or reactions. This probably is the best part of the therapy. Most patients of early arthritis or acute/chronic tendon degeneration or tear can benefit from these therapies. The indication have to be absolute for best results along with guided rehabilitation programe.

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