Biceps Tenodesis

Biceps tendon is an integral part of the joint with one of its attachments coming though the shoulder joint. Most common shoulder pathologies involve the biceps tendon and lead to pain at the anterior shoulder. This pain typically increases on palpation and in throwing position.

Biceps tendon gets frayed or torn from the origin in patients involved in recurrent throwing activities. Also this suffers with degenerative fraying in patients with rotator cuff tears and tendinosis. Biceps tendon is actually a pulley which ia attached to a part of the labral and capsule complex. with this tear, there is an associated lesion which is called a SLAP tear.

In young patients who are active and high demand, the usual procedure of choice remains a Biceps Tenodesis and in older patients, the tendon is usually shaved off. This is because of the fact that recent updates suggest that a frayed degenerative biceps tendon might be a cause of persistant pain post-operatively in old patients.

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Basic tests that your orthopedic or sports physician might do in addition to history taking when they diagnose you with Biceps tendonitis and deciede on the line of treatment.

Biceps tenodesis is usually done in young symptomatic cases which have primary or secondary biceps lesions. The biceps tendon is re-inserted with the help of a screw in the arm bone. This casues allevation of pain with an intact function of the biceps muscle.

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