Biceps Tendinitis

Biceps muscle tendon arises from the shoulder joint and is usually inflamed secondary to a rotator cuff pathology or SLAP lesions. Although, in athletes it might occour in isolation also. The main reason is a supra-physiological loading of this tendon due to exercises or repetitive micro-trauma.

Fraying of this tendon is commonly seen in overhead athletes and may also be associated with instability and throwing shoulder also. A precise diagnosis is imperative to treatment and needs orthopedic consultation and tailored exercise regime.

Surgery might be warranted in cases where it is associated with rotator cuff and SLAP lesions or even isolated Biceps tendon tear.

Few illustrative exercises which will surely help rehabilitate the athelete suffering from biceps tendonitis. Please visit our orthopedic for more information on phased rehabilitation of rotator cuff for an early functional recovery !

Along with the inflammation of the tendon, there is associated labral tears and rotator cuff tears in many cases. Athletes are more prone for a SLAP/Labral leison and elder population is more predisposed to having a secondary tendonitis to rotator cuff insufficency. 

Biceps pain may be a primary or an associated secondary pathology. The patient history and clinical examination helps the consultant differentiate between primary and secondary problem. The rehabilitation and surgical procedure is completely different in both cases and it is advised to visit your orthopedic for any shoulder pain for diagnosing the cause !

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