Atheletic Pubalgia

Athletes typically involved in sports like football, wrestling and hockey may complain of a vague abdominal/inguinal pain. This usually occours in the region of the groin where the abdominal and inguinal regions overlap.This is also popularly known as a sports hernia.

Essentially sports involving sudden twisting movements result into this pathology over a long period. Most patients have a complain of a dull aching pain especially on straining. Most patients do well with physiotherapy and rehabilitation using core body stregnthening regime. Others who do not improve or have recurrence of symptoms might need a surgical procedure to cure symptoms.

Arthrocentre is proud to cater to needs of athletes under one roof with tailored physiotherapy and rehabilitation programe.

One of the common sprains in running atheletes which is completely curable in majority cases only with exercises. Sports Hernia or atheletic pubagia should not be ignored. It can take about 2 to 6 weeks to get back to warm up exercises of your sport. The video illustrates stretches and exercises for functional rehabilitation of athletes suffering from same.

Most common sports include Football, Sprint and Hurdle race.

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