ALL (Antero-lateral ligament) Reconstruction


Antero-lateral Ligament happens to be a soft tissue connection between the thigh bone and leg bone on the out aspect of the knee. The Ligament forms a restrain to pivoting forces on the knee in addition to the ACL. It is essential to understand that concept of ALL is not new.

The ligament exists in about 80 percent patients only and helps ACL in stabilising the knee joint against rotational stress. Isolated ALL reconstruction hasn’t been popular in cases with ACL deficiency. It is always done post ACL surgery where patient complaints of relative laxity or instability.

ALL is reconstructed in athletes with high chances of pivoting (collision sports) with an anatomically well placed reconstructed ACL. These patients are typically found to be involved in pivoting sports. ALL reconstruction is an open procedure and usually makes use of hamstrings tendon. The rehabilitation typically starts at two weeks post surgery with gentle range of movements and aggressive rehabilitation after 3 months.

Lack of muscle tone in quadriceps may commonly give patients a feeling of instability in the knee post ACL reconstruction. Any of such causes should be ruled out before counselling for surgical procedure. These are a few simple exercises to help you strengthen your knee.

Simple Exercises to strengthen your knee post-ACL reconstruction. It is always evaluated that strengthening and rehabilitating your knee is most essential before considering the option for ALL reconstruction. The indications of this surgery are few and most patients respond well to only Rehabilitation and physiotherapy.