The Antero-Lateral Ligament (ALL) recosntruction has been the latest advancement for preventing pivoting in collision and contact sportsmen. The technique is beneficial for a small subset of athletes who have persistant complaints of instability despite a functional ACL in place. This is an old concept which has gained importance recently with increasing demands of pivoting athletes. The surgical procedure makes use of creating a ligament with restricts rotational instability. The procedure is not a substitute to ACL reconstruction and is an additive procedure in patients with a normal ACL/ Reconstructed ACL still facing instability The surgical procedure is not arthroscopic and makes use of a 5-7 cm incision over the outer aspect of the knee joint. The ligament is usually harvested from same or opposite knee hamstring muscles and fixed using bio-absorbable screws. The rehabilitation starts from first post operative day and athelete can start with sporting activities by 6 months.
Lack of muscle tone in quadriceps may commonly give patients a feeling of instability in the knee post ACL reconstruction. Any of such causes should be ruled out before couselling for surgical procedure. These are a few simple exercises to help you strengthen your knee. Facebook Twitter Google-plus Book Your appointment with our expert !!


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