AC Joint Injuries.

Shoulder injuries are common in young and old. With advent of high velocity trauma and competitive collision sports, these have become more common. Diagnosis and treatment of these injuries becomes important to prevent long term dysfunction and pain. Injuries of the ACROMIO-CLAVICULAR (AC) joint are uncommon but may be very disabling along with a cosmetic deformity.

What is the AC joint ?
Namely connection of shoulder blade and collar bone, with ligamentous connections.

The dynamics of shoulder movements change and this leads to a long term irreparable impairment. We advocate a primary reconstruction of the joint using tendon grafts for best results and restoration of natural joint movements. We are proud to cater demands of Sportsmen . #acjointseparation #acjointinjury #acjointrehab #acjointseparation #acjointrecovery #acjointsurgery #shouldersurgery #excellentresults #rehabilitation #sportsinjuries #sportsinjurytreatment @ Jyoti Hospital & Urology Center

AC Joint Injuries.

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