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Sports Injuries and Arthroscopy

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Dr. Milind Tanwar is a leading Sports Injury specialist trained from Australia and leading medical institutes of India. He has an extensive experience in sports medicine with passion for joint pathologies. Dealing with orthopaedic problems for the last 10 years, Dr. Milind is known for his focus on patient education, friendly nature and ease of access apart from excellent surgical skills and outcomes.

Dr. Milind Tanwar is an IMRI Fellow (SA) in primary and re-do arthroscopy and arthroplasty trained with leading orthopaedicians like Dr. Mario Penta, Dr. Jegankrishnan and Dr.Ashish Babulkar. He is available on all weekdays at Jyoti Hospital, Gurugram and also visits and operates at some leading corporate hospitals in Gurugram and NCR region. What we do best

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Biological Therapy

Orthopaedics has evolved from fracture treatment to joint replacement, arthroscopy and orthopaedic oncological procedures which have provided long term...

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Biological Therapy

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Joint Replacement

With an array of facilities and technological advancement, we are proud to offer facility of Joint Replacement Surgeries. With...

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Joint Replacement

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Sports Medicine

Dr. Milind has been formally trained at Sports Injury Center, Safdarjung Hospital & at various hospitals in South Austrailia...

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Sports Medicine

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Geriatric Orthopedics

Patients of the elderly age group commonly suffer from degenerative...

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Geriatric Orthopedics

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With the introduction of Arthroscopy techniques, open surgeries have become obsolete for ligament and soft tissue procedures of the...

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Ultra-modern arthroscopy suite

With most advanced systems in place for patient comfort & safety, we offer the most biological option for restoring your mobility.

loss, but also emotional, mental and physical.

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Multi-Ligament Injuries

ACL in combination with MCL, PCL, LCL, PLC complex injuries

Ligament reconstruction

Arthroscopic ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC reconstruction
Revision ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC reconstruction

Meniscal Surgeries

Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair (All Inside/Inside-out/Outside-in)
Arthroscopic Debridement & Lavage

Shoulder Instability

Bankart repair
Bankart Remplissage
Latarjet procedure

Painful shoulder

SLAP repair
Biceps tenodesis
Biceps tenotomy
Arthroscopic debridement/ Decompression

Degenerative shoulder

Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair
Arthroscopic Sub-acromial decompression
Para-labral cyst decompression

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Tips to survive in COVID times !

Increasing incidence of functional pain and depression post COVID-19 era has led to deterioration of quality of life. The productivity has been severely affected in people who are suffering from chronic illnesses already along with increasing cases of newly
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Sore Runner ?? This might help !!

Adaptive muscle shortening and Hamstrings. Hamstrings form an important muscle of the core and is actively involved in movement of the body. The hamstrings muscles originate from the pelvic bone/hip bone & insert below the knee joint spanning the
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Impingement syndrome: All you need to know!!

Shoulder pain is common problem in patients of all age groups. The causes of pain and disability are many. Young and old have completely different spectrum of disease which may cause the same symptom i.e. pain, limited range of


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Dr. Milind Tanwar
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Aman ManochaAman Manocha
10:50 10 Dec 22
Got my TKR done from Dr. Milind.Best thing about him is that he diagnoses the issue very carefully and come up with best possible treatments, he never intend to push any one to go for any procedure unless it is extremity.His positive approach to his patient is remarkable.I had such great experience with him, it's hard to describe in few words, I strongly recommend everyone to visit him if you are facing any orthopaedic issues.Wishing him endless success.Thank you once again Dr Milind :)
Sanyam MarathaSanyam Maratha
05:52 08 Dec 22
Dr. Milind you are not only an amazing Doctor but you are a wonderful person. Your selflessness and dedication to your patients truly impacts lives. I’m quite impressed by your simplicity, kindness and positivity. Thank you so much for taking such great care and encouragement. Keep performing good with a great zeal.
kautuk pandyakautuk pandya
05:33 03 Sep 22
It's my first visit to doctor Milind Sir, it's really great while discussing my shoulder issue and getting a great response from them, i,m really glad that the way Dr. Milind sir explain the problem and the precautions i have follow to get rid off from my shoulder injury.Than you sir for your kind support and the way you talk to the patient is awesome 👍👍
Sonam SrivastavaSonam Srivastava
19:01 30 Jul 22
Milind Sir is the most accessible, understanding and empathetic doctor I have ever met. He explains the problem and treatment so well to patient that one feels cared for and much comfortable with him. Thank u so much for hassle free process of my husband's ACL reconstruction surgery. It's more than 4 months and he is doing well now. Pre and post operative guidance provided by him is really admirable. His way of treatment along with boosting patients morale is beyond words. Will definitely recommend consulting him to those who are in search of a good orthopaedic doctor.
Seema MendirattaSeema Mendiratta
18:31 06 Jul 22
Getting oneself treated from Dr. Tanwar is a satisfying experience. You feel comfortable, reassured and are explained your problem so well that you are fully convinced that the road to recovery will be soon and simple. He is so patient with each and everyone and makes you feel that your problem is of utmost importance and concern.Have actually recommended so many friends and relatives who share the same opinion too.Wishing you all the very best.
Rahul TanwarRahul Tanwar
02:27 12 Jun 22
Dr Milind Tanwar is the best doctor I have ever met. His positive approach and the comfort he gives to the patient for early recovery. Treatment is an art and He is an Artist 😀
sonia vermasonia verma
02:50 10 Jun 22
In 2010, I had met a road accident, in which upper part of my right hand was almost cut. Doctors had operated it twice and finally they implanted a rod in my hand to join it.After that surgery, it took almost 2 years for me to get my arm moving and to start functioning.And with time, my life was getting back to normal with that rod in my upper arm.-----In 2021, there started some pain in my arm at the same place where surgery was done.We visited some orthopaedic doctors, they examined and told me that my previous fracture was not joined actually. It was just stuck with support of the rod.We visited many hospitals and orthopaedic doctors but no one got ready to take my case for re-operating and fixing it.Pain was increasing day by day and my arm started swelling also, I was completely feeling helpless..Then one fine day in Jan 2022, I heard about Dr. Milind Tanwar through some of my reference.Having some hope, I visited Dr. Milind Tanwar at Jyoti Hospital Sector 14, Gurugram. I explained everything to him.Dr. Milind got ready to take my case and gave me confidence that everything will be alright after that surgery. He informed me that first they will remove the old rod, will do bone grafting and then will fix the joint with the support of plates.I got admitted in Jyoti Hospital, Gurugram on 15 Jan 2022.Dr. Milind Tanwar successfully performed surgery on my arm. He did it so well and carefully that post surgery there was no effect on movement of my hand, which I was fearing very much before surgery.In my opinion, Dr. Milind Tanwar is not only a doctor but he is a magician also. He understands so well, he explains so well and very motivational. Apart from medicines and treatment, recovery speeds up with his positive words.. Such a nice human being he is..I would also like to appreciate Dr. Milind for his strong follow-up post treatment and his response on call/text.Now I am feeling very well and happy too, that I can move my hand and I can do my household work also, without any pain..Thank you so much, Dr...🙏🏻🙂
S.P. DharmaniS.P. Dharmani
08:16 08 May 22
Dr. Milind is experienced in his field. I went to him for consultation - he took the time to understand my problem deeply and during the consultation he made me feel comfortable and explained the solution in detail. He himself is a very soft spoken doctor. I have been following his advice and have seen significant improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Milind
Pale Ram ChahalPale Ram Chahal
05:24 06 Apr 22
Dr.Milind is very knowledgeable in his field. I visited him for consultation for myself and my wife - He invested time in listening to our issues and understand the problem in depth. Throughout our consultation, he made us feel comfortable and explained his diagnosis in detail. He himself is a very soft spoken Doctor with a neat, clean and well equipped hospital (Jyoti Hospital) and very well mannered staff. We have been following his advice and have seen significant improvements. I would highly recommend Dr.Milind
Anita GuptaAnita Gupta
07:46 15 Mar 22
I was in the US and suffered a shoulder injury on thin ice, that was followed by a surgery!We visited Dr Milind for the follow up and further treatment. We really liked his positive approach and has a knack of making the patient feel comfortable and develop a quick trust!Yet he remains very humble!Dr Milind is sharp in his diagnosis and it’s stepwise treatment. He doesn’t believe in unnecessary diagnosis and over medication.He ensures checking in the fine details for the correct treatment.We are grateful for his guidance and and an open communication due to his friendly nature.We wish him all the best, in providing the BEST treatment to many!!

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